Tay Ho District
Tay Ho District
  • Tay Ho is one of 10 districts in Hanoi and located in the northwest of Hanoi. This district was also planned as a travel service Center, and the natural landscape here always has been protected. Total areas of Tay Ho district is about 2400ha, Westlake occupies 500ha. Through Nhat Tan Bridge, Tay Ho could easily connect to central Hanoi, industrial areas in the north of Hanoi (Bac Ninh, Bac Giang) and Noibai airport. Most of the foreigners choose Tay Ho to rent apartments or in other words, Tay Ho is the best place for living in Hanoi. That attraction may come from:
Expat’s community
  • Tay Ho district has been chosen as a home of many Europeans, Americans, Australians, etc. It is easy to help, communicate and share living space with a countryman. So, for a long time, there was a community of expats/foreigners living in Tay Ho. In addition, there are many apartments for rent in Hanoi, health care centers, pet care services and other convenient stores, supermarkets… All of them often satisfy expats.
Incredible view to Westlake
  • Westlake is the largest lake in Hanoi and considered as a “lung” of the capital. Especially, apartments for rent in Tay Ho, which are next to West Lake will have an incredible view as well as fresh air. Moreover, there are many exciting activities, exercise activities and entertainment services around the lake.
A quiet, private and safe place
  • Hanoi is a safe city, so does Tay Ho district. If expats want to find a quiet, private and secure, apartment in Tay Ho is an ideal choice.

Apartments in Tay Ho District